Southern Generator Services provides a full line of emergency power generator systems manufactured by Blue Star, Generac, Lynx and MTU On-site Energy (formerly Katolight). For commercial or industrial use, even residential or portable units, Southern Generator Services offers a complete line-up of power units from 5kw to 2000kw that are built to fit your needs.

In Addition, Southern Generator Services offers all of the components, accessories, and optional equipment for a complete turnkey system. Automatic Transfer Switches, fuel tanks, Sound Attenuated Enclosures, engine heaters and many other options, Southern Generator Services is your one stop shop for all you emergency power needs.

We offer a product that uses standard replacement parts and allows the customer to choose who they want to service their equipment. Most buyers and customers are not aware that most new generators being sold by some of the large manufactures are being equipped with proprietary software and control systems. These manufacturers are FORCING customers to use their expensive service groups and replacement parts. Consequently, customers are being denied the choice of who they want to service their equipment. In doing this, these manufacturers can charge exorbitant prices for parts and service by limiting the competition for generator service, leaving the customer with no options.

Another unfortunate aspect is that most customers are never informed that their generators are being equipped with proprietary software. In times of disasters, generators are essential to sustaining life and safety. Proprietary systems jeopardize public health and safety by impairing the ability of skilled technicians to repair emergency power generators at any time, any place, in any conditions.

For more information or to get answers to any questions you have please call Southern Generator Services at 205-283-5158.